Monday, May 28, 2007

Interesting Tribute to Jerry Falwell

Over the years, I've never been a huge Jerry Falwell fan, mainly because I thought he represented a lot that was wrong with the Christian right, getting too political to be a force for the gospel and too wacky to be heard by anyone on biblical issues. However, I think I underestimated the impact that Falwell made through the establishment of Liberty University. Yesterday, I listened to the Catalyst podcast tribute to Jerry Falwell. This was a very interesting place to hear a tribute to Falwell because the Catalyst group is a group of socially-minded, culturally-engaged leaders who want to impact this generation with the gospel. They try to let next-generation leaders know about what is happening in wider evangelicalism. I really have enjoyed listening to their interviews with key Christian leaders. Anyway, long story short, they had a tribute episode to Falwell, who had influenced many of these guys because they attended Liberty University over the last twenty years. Whatever we think about Falwell's mouth running unnecessarily over the years, his legacy will most definitely continue to be the generation of young leaders he impacted at Liberty University.

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