Thursday, May 17, 2007

Speaking at Southwest Airlines

I had the cool opportunity yesterday to fly to Dallas and speak to a group of leaders at Southwest Airlines on the topic of leadership. It was quite a trip. One of our friends from our time at First Baptist Ovilla in the Dallas-area is an executive in the reservations department at Southwest and was responsible for hosting a day of training on leadership for the team that reported to her (around 25 leaders). She brought them all to SW headquarters in Dallas to learn and dialogue about how they could improve their leadership of the 3,000 of so reservation agents that they lead every day. I was given about an hour and fifteen minutes to talk about one of my passions - leadership.

I really enjoyed seeing Terri and interacting with her team in Dallas. Southwest Airlines has a very unique corporate culture - lots of fun and strong relational ties between employees. It would really be a great place to work. During the time I was there, I had the chance to hear some of her team talk about their pivotal moments in developing as leaders. I also had the chance to hear the company's president, Colleen Barrett, talk about the company and all that they had shared with the stockholders at the annual meeting held yesterday morning.

God is good and was with me in a very powerful way yesterday. I really enjoyed myself, had a great dinner with my parents afterwards, then was able to have a very cool spiritual conversation with a guy named Zach on the flight back to Austin.

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Elizabeth said...

Enjoyed getting to have dinner with you, too. Hope you have a great week with the family!
Love, Mom