Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Good Tired

I've been bad about posting lately, mostly because I've been so tired in the evenings when the kids get to bed and I generally like to read and blog in the evenings. This is not a sob story though about being too tired, but about a good tired. I really am having more fun and enjoying life more than I ever have. The church is getting ready to launch shortly, I am married to the greatest wife in the whole world, and my kids are becoming more awesome every day (if that were even possible). So, all in all, I've been good tired. I've still got many more quotes from my study-break reading that I hope to get to, but I've been slow about transferrring them to the blog.

On a personal note, I'm reading an interesting police memoir called Blue Blood and doing some personal study and reflection on creation/evolution and interpretation of Genesis issues. I'm not sure I've got the nerve to unload all that on the blog yet, but maybe some bits here or there as I study and read. I've done some work in this issue before, but trying to clarify my thinking again as I get ready to launch my first sermon series at the plant. We're kicking off the church with an eight-week series based on the Q8 questions that I listed earlier on the blog that we were working on at Pflugerville. And one of the questions that people are asking is, "Is the church opposed to science?" I've had two spiritual conversations in the last two weeks with people who had serious intellectual objections to Christianity because of the scientific issues. I'm working to clarify my thinking, if nothing else, because I want to speak more intelligently to a well-educated audience and lead them to embrace Jesus.

So, as usual, I'm just thinking on small things....;)

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