Monday, July 09, 2007

Websites on Origin Issues

If you're weird like me and you enjoy reading about science, history, and theology, you can dig in to some of the sites and books I'm exploring as I study on the origins debate. Of course, I am first and foremost a biblicist more than I am a scientist, so this influences the way I read the data. But, I try to be objective in the sense that I don't fear reading people who disagree with my positions. Reading widely only helps me to better understand the varying perspectives that are out there and the science, history, and people who have influenced worldwide thinking and epistemology (how we know what we know).

For starters, here are a few websites from a young-earth creationism perspective:
Answers in Genesis
Institute for Creation Research
The Creation Research Society

Here are a few websites that articulate an old-earth creationism perspective:
Reasons to Believe
God & Science
New Creationism

Here are some sites on Intelligent Design (non-committal on process, but believe evidence points to Intelligent Creator):
The Discovery Institute
Access Research Network
Intelligent Design Network
ID the Future Blog

Here are some sites on naturalistic Evolutionary theory:
Talk Origins
The Panda's Thumb
Understanding Evolution
National Center for Science Education
Talk Reason

This is enough to get a sense of the discussion, but the web is a terrible place to dig in deep on any one topic. I'll post tomorrow some of the books I'm looking through that touch on some of these same topics.

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Anonymous said...

I don’t necessarily agree with your assessment of those who enjoy reading about science, history and theology as weird - I prefer enlightened. As someone who spent 90% of their educational experience enveloped in science and math, I always find it interesting that as humans we consistently must find answers and reasons for the existence of things. I maintain an avid curiosity about life and its origins and existence, and I find in the questioning and the pursuit of answers my faith only grows stronger, but it is the absence of answers that keeps my faith there. It is through “weird” people like you, the essayists, and authors you reference and your ability to communicate that you encourage people to seek their own beliefs and truths.