Monday, August 27, 2007

Love the church, but sometimes discouraged by our mess...

As we plant a new church in our community and talk to many people about their view of Christ and His church, I'm always thinking about the reputation that the church has in our community. I pray two directions related to this: one, that our church would be a place of authentic life-change where people can actually see the difference that Christ has made in our lives, and two, that people would not judge all churches by news they hear in the media. So, a few headlines that have me concerned in the last few weeks...

Megachurch Pastor & Wife Separate (link here)

Megachurch Pastor arrested for beating his wife (link here)

Local well-known Pastor arrested and charged for stealing money from his church (link here)

Ted Haggard sends out email saying he needs more money (link here)

God, by your grace, I hope I'm never a link on somebody's blog (like this guy's) for church leaders who shame Your church.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm sure I don't have to worry about reading this type of headline about you...You have way too many of us praying for you.
Love, Mom