Monday, September 17, 2007

Bringing it...

So last week was launch Sunday, and maybe I was a little nervous, or maybe I just didn't have that much to say, but long-story short, I went 26 minutes in my sermon. You wouldn't believe the grief I got in the office last week for my "improved" sermon style. Not that there is anything wrong with a short sermon, but I was back in true form this Sunday - 33 minutes, baby! How you like them apples? ha!


Brent said...

Eliminate the clock and just preach, man. You're early in the church and establishing patterns... just set the pattern that you'll preach until you're finished! It's what they do in Haiti and nobody complains. Of course, there's no NFL game to get to in Haiti.

Elizabeth said...

Remember some of us have very "short" attention spans...ha.
Love ya,