Tuesday, October 09, 2007

History of Round Rock

Got to hear the history of the city of Round Rock today during the Leadership RR program I'm participating in this year with the RR Chamber of Commerce. I'm enjoying getting to understand more about the city I live and work in, and I'm also really enjoying getting to meet 24 other young leaders who are hoping to plant their roots in the city of Round Rock. Today, as I heard and saw much of the interesting history of the city (only 2700 people lived in RR in 1970 - today it is over 90,000 and over 150,00o within its ETJ), I had the thought: we really should know more about the local histories about the places we live. And since so many of us are transplants into new communities, it would be helpful for more people to hear about the history of their cities. Of course, if all of us continue to move every 2 years, this process would get old quickly. I hope our family can be here a long time - it really is a great place to live.

Also - how sweet that the Cowboys are 5-0 (even though an ugly 5-0 after last night) and the Yankees are gone from the MLB playoffs? The Mavs start preseason tonight against the Spurs - this could turn out to be a great fall for sports...

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