Thursday, November 01, 2007

P&P, B-days, & Hospital Trips

Our church has a cool tradition of giving our staff one day a month to get away from the office for prayer and planning. Today is that day. I'm sitting at my desk at my house, Barie is gone with the boys for a day at the farm at Waco, I staring at a stack of commentaries and my Bible and my notepad and a hot cup of coffee. After a long few weeks, I've never been more prepared for a full day of time alone with God.

I think we had about 50 people over at our house last night for our annual Halloween party / hot-dog cookout. You see, Halloween is Kade's birthday, so we had a big birthday celebration with our small group and neighbors from 5:30-6:30 pm, and then we sent all the kids out with their families to trick-or-treat. Kade was Lightning-McQueen this year (which he absolutely loved), Kamden was Superman (which makes sense to everyone who sees him wearing his cape around ALL the time), and Kale was Tigger. I think I cooked and gave out about 75-80 hot dogs last night in our drive-way. The word was out pretty early that we had food and drinks, and the neighbors came out. Fun-times.

Today is my mother-in-law's 60th birthday. As I mentioned, Barie has taken her out to the farm today for a day of relaxation and conversation with some of our favorite people in the world, Horace & Retta Heathman, at their farm outside of Waco. My mother-in-law is one awesome lady, and has been so much help to us with our boys. You wouldn't know she is 60 by her appearance or her activity. She stays active and fun-loving and paranoid, as always. We love her much - happy 60th Bobbie!

This week we had to take Kale to the hospital for a really high fever. His fever spiked on Tuesday to over 104, and he had a febrile seizure. It scared us and the primary care doctor enough to send us down to Dell Children's Hospital in downtown Austin. After six hours and lots of tests, they ruled out just about everything and told us it was most likely a virus they had seen going around that was causing lots of high fever. They told us the fever would go away and a rash would appear and then he would probably be over it. We've decided the hospital trip is Kale's way of telling us he needs some alone time with mom and dad. ;-)


Dana said...

Precious Kale. I am sorry to hear that and will pray for God's complete healing and that we won't ever see this again. Love you all and miss you all as well!

dt said...

I love prayer and planning days. Prayed for Kale. Hope all is well. God's peace! dt

Brent said...

Don't you love it when doctors with 16 years of college run lots of tests only to send you home with, "It's a virus."

On one hand, you're relieved.

On the other, you went through all the emotional gymnastics of the event.

Sorry you had to go through it...but glad it was only a virus!

And, those prayer/planning days are highly valuable. Guard them, because there'll be a temptation to let that slide as things grow, man. I know. I've been there and regretted it.