Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Political Craziness

You have to know up front that I'm not always open about my personal politics because I'm a pastor and I don't think people have to agree with my politics to come to my church. However, I am open about being a political junkie. I don't know why I am one, maybe it was playing the part of Bob Dole in a debate in my high school government class that made me cross the line, but I've always been fascinated by it. Then, my bride and I got sucked into watching the West Wing after I finished seminary (it was in its last season at that point), and we watched the whole seven seasons on DVD in one year. The show just reinforced my political obsessions even more. I've been following the '08 race very closely all year even though it has really only gotten really interesting in the last month. I don't watch the debates, they take too much time, and they aren't what really matters anyway - it's the coverage coming out of the debates that matters. All that being said, I do watch all the candidates online and have skimmed through their websites to see where they stand on their issues. I normally don't bring all this on to the blog because of what I said at the top, however, the endorsement by Pat Robertson of Rudy Guiliani brought on a response by Randy Alcorn, a well-known Christian author, that I think everyone should read. Check it out now... Preach it, Randy!


Danny Burch said...

you know this is the first time that I've ever had any trouble picking a candidate to vote for. The lines have become so blurry.. thanks for the post and the link to Alcorn's blog! I added my own blog for my congregation..(and the world) if you're ever wondering what on earth Danny is doing! caoticsoul.blogspot

GLMeece said...

At least one family in your congregation is going to vote for the Pro-life Ob/Gyn running for President. Yes, he certainly rubs some people the wrong way, but mostly because we're so un-used to having a strict Constitutionalist in the limelight.

For Ron Paul's clear stance on the rights of the unborn, please see:

You can poke around the rest of the site for his other viewpoints. The main sticking point for many people who generally vote Republican is that he has been against the Iraq invasion. He was/is totally for bringing the perpetrators of 9/11 to justice, but argues (as I now agree) that the invasion of Iraq had little to nothing to do what that.

OK, I'll step off my soapbox now. :-)