Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 14/90: Exodus 16-20, Psalms 37-42, Mark 10-12

Key Points:
  • Moses' encounter with God on Mt. Sinai reminds me that I am so small compared to God. What a powerful description of God's presence coming to rest on the mountain and Moses meeting with God.
  • The ten commandments that God gave to Israel are listed in Exodus 20, and even today, show us our need for a Savior - we are hopeless in our attempt to follow God with the help of Jesus Christ.
  • The psalm reading today reminded me about the connection between faith and obedience; sometimes I make obedience about love, but really it is about faith. If we trust God's way to better than our way, then we will live according to His commands. If we believe that we can do it on our own OR that the consequences that God lays out will not really be that bad, then we go our own way. The psalmist reminds us to wait on God - His word will always turn out to be true. Though it looks like the wicked prosper now, Scripture teaches us that God's ways are always the best ways - and we need to have faith.
  • Passion so permeates the psalms. While our walk with God can sometimes become dry and stale, and our religious activity can simply become routine, the psalms remind us that our God calls us to a passionate, intimate relationship with Him. As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul longs for you, O God - that is a passionate pursuit of our holy God. I pray for that kind of renewed energy and devotion to the Lord.
  • Again reminded by the Mark reading tonight that the economy of the kingdom is upside down from our worldly economy; Jesus says: the greatest of all is the servant of all, that the path to eternal life comes with denying yourself, that suffering comes before the crown, that childlike faith moves the heart of the father, not intellectual acumen. I need to continue to soak myself in His teachings - I am so far from getting these values and living them out every day.

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bryanw said...

It's frustrating to watch the Israelites continue to have first hand knowledge of the power of God, only to loose faith at the very next challenge. Could this be why he gave them the 10 commandments and why he allowed them to actually hear His voice?

still finding it challenging to decipher Psalms....while I love worship music this seems to be a real struggle for understanding.

I find the dichotomy amazing in Mark. Well taught leaders of the church can't fathom that Jesus is the Son of God and are threatend by him, but the poor, downcast of society have the faith...the faith to heal and move mountains...challenges me to evaluate if I have THAT amount of faith!!!