Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 15/90: Exodus 21-25, Psalms 43-48, Mark 13-14

Key Points:
  • We get into the beginning of the law today as God gives Moses His direction for how the people of Israel should live (beyond the big ten). What struck me today as I read through it was 1) God's heart for the foreigner and the widow and the orphan stand out - we are to take care of those at the bottom of the power-ladder, and 2) God's grace in meeting with Moses and actually giving the law to the people of Israel - teaching them what it meant to walk with Him day by day.
  • Psalm 44 challenged me with a theme that has been very personal over the last couple of months - who do I give praise to whenever good things happen? The psalmist reminds us that all the great things that happened in Israel's past (including the Exodus from Egypt that we're currently reading) occurred because of God's favor on the country and the people. I have to continually check my heart to make sure that I am giving God all the credit for everything good thing in my life - my family, my work, and my friends.
  • On the flip side of not boasting in our accomplishments, we are encouraged by Psalm 46 to not fear in our trials. If God brings the good times, then He will sustain us through the bad times - powerful truth. I can be still and trust Him.
  • Word from Mark tonight: the gospel will continue to progress around the world and things will get very bad toward the end.

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bryanw said...

short observation...did read it all..

Humans are not good by instinct...right here in Exodus, God is giving us our Moral background. He is telling us right from wrong and telling us the consequences of our errors. Seemed very powerful.