Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 16/90: Exodus 26-30, Psalms 49-54, Mark 15-16

Key Points:
  • I found it interesting in reading this Exodus passage about the requirements for the tabernacle and the priestly garments and all the sacrificial gear that God wanted so many gifted artists and skilled workers to use their gifts in building His tabernacle - reminds me of how the Lord gifts so many of us in the body of Christ with specific gifts that the whole body needs. We can't do it on our own.
  • The numerous specifics commands for how the people were to approach God (which is only going to increase as we get into the end of Exodus and Leviticus) makes me want to stop and just praise God for sending His Son Jesus Christ to make a better way for us to approach the Father. All of the Law reminds us of how holy God really is - the commands that He asks us to keep and the requirements for even approaching him on our own. God is so holy that He cannot be around our sin. I am so thankful, as the author of Hebrews says, that Jesus is our High Priest and goes before the Father on our behalf.
  • Psalm 49:16-20 needs to be posted on every office cubicle in America - we can't take it with us when we die.
  • Psalm 51 is such a beautiful prayer of repentance, and can help us have the words to express our heart to God whenever we need to turn from our sin and come back to Him.
  • I love the way Mark ends - the short ending at 16:8 is probably the original ending. Most scholars dismiss 16:9-20 as added later. I personally love the short ending - it kind of takes your breath read about the trial and flogging and suffering of Jesus, then the women go early to his tomb, and He is not there...the end. Jesus is alive! What will you do with Him now?


bryanw said...

Similarity....God gave talents to all these people, then used their specific talents to build his Tabernacle....God gave our church all these people with various talents, then uses each of them in the ministry of our church....teachers, singers, speakers, computer people...and who can forget those 2 awesome sound dudes from Sunday night!!;)

2 things in Psalms for me...images of God rescuing us from death! God doesn't NEED our offering, what he wants is our relationship...our worship!!

As I read about the crucifixtion/resurrection and ascension I was struck by what must have been an awesome a age where special effects and tv didn't exist, to watch this man (that you had just seen die, interacted with after the resurection and now) to ascend into Heaven must have left people breathless....was it so amazing that it was near indescribable? very little description about it here or in Matthew.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Keith,

About Mark 16:9-20: there is quite a bit of misinformation floating around regarding this passage, in commentaries, in Bible-footnotes, and even in the writings of some Bible seminary professors in Texas. Before you reach a firm conclusion about Mark 16:9-20 (if it is not already too late), I invite you to ask yourself how likely it is that Mark, while knowing that Peter and the other disciples (minus Judas Iscariot) were reconciled with, and commissioned by, Jesus after His resurrection, would have intentionally designed the final depiction of the apostles as a group of men who abandoned Jesus, and who were never reconciled with Him, and were not informed of the resurrection.

Although Daniel Wallace and others have attempted to make a case that Mark deliberately stopped writing at 16:8, knowing that his readers could get the rest of the story from oral traditions, their guess is undone by the consideration that if Mark had assumed that his readers could be adequately informed about Jesus by oral tradition, Mark would have had little reason to write his account in the first place.

K: . . . "then the women go early to his tomb, and He is not there...the end."

But that's not the end, even if one rejects Mk. 16:9-20. The narrative continues on a bit more: the women flee from the tomb, afraid, and do not tell anything to anybody.

If, as we learn from Matthew, the women actually did return to the disciples with news of the empty tomb and with instructions to go to Galilee, why would Mark have ended his book by giving his readers the impression that they did not do so? If he had wanted to leave the book open-ended, he could have done so without creating this impression.

For more information about Mark 16:9-20, I welcome you to consult the multi-part presentation which begins at .

Yours in Christ,

James Snapp, Jr.