Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 21/90: Leviticus 11-15, Psalms 78-83, Luke 13-15

Anyone else tired of presidential politics yet?

Key Points in Today's Read:
  • Money quote of the day from Leviticus: 11:44: "I am the Lord your God; consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy." Simple enough: we are to be like our Master, our Father - we are to strive for holiness because we desire to be like Him, not because we desire to be better than others. Heart check.
  • Chapters 11-15 contain the ritual law that describes the food, diseases, bodily emissions, etc. that make a man or woman unclean before God and how to become clean. There are obviously some hygienic issues at play here as God is teaching them to be clean, but there are also some simply distinctive commands given to Israel to help them stand out from the other cultures around them. Thankfully, Jesus ends these regulations in the NT when He declares all food clean and talks about the condition of the heart as more important than the condition of the exterior.
  • I love the challenge of Psalm 78:1-8 to pass on our story to our children, to make sure that they don't forget what God has done in our lifetime. I also resonate with 78:72: I want to lead like David, with integrity of heart and with skillful hands.
  • The psalms continue to articulate a global vision for the glory of God - that He would be known as the Sovereign over all the earth - that all nations would praise Him as the One true God. The Scripture challenges me to continue to develop a global view of God's work.
  • The kingdom teaching of Jesus is so challenging to me - so counter-intuitive. Jesus talks about giving up everything we have to follow Him, he talks about giving to those who cannot give back to us, he talks about trusting God with our good deeds & being humble, not publicizing our work for Him, about going after those who are farthest from Him. Just a reminder to me about why we need to raise up whole disciples of Jesus Christ and not just converts - because this picture of Kingdom-living is very different from what I see in my own life and in much of the church.

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