Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 23/90: Leviticus 21-23, Psalms 90-96, Luke 19-21

I'm trying to prepare myself for Day 27 when we get to Psalm 119 - I will have to set aside more time that day. :)
Key Points from Today's Reading:
  • The laws of Leviticus teach us many truths about God and about ourselves. The commands many times teach us about those things that we struggle with - God commands us to do things that He knows we will not do on our own. For example:
    • The major theme of Leviticus, as I mentioned before, is the holiness of God. We tend to diminish the holiness of God and make Him in our own image, but the Scriptures will not let us do that - He is completely holy and different from us.
    • Leviticus calls us to take our sin seriously, which we tend often not to do, but to make excuses and compromises because we compare ourselves to others and not to God.
    • Leviticus continually challenges the people to take a day of rest and dedicate it to the Lord, because God knows our tendency not to trust Him with our rest, but to continue to produce.
    • Leviticus lays out that those who approach God must do so in reverence and fear, because God knows that many time we will approach Him flippantly and without concern for His holiness.
    • Leviticus commands that we give of our firstfruits to God and we leave our extra for those who need it most, again recognizing our tendency to hoard and not trust God with our resources.
    • Leviticus lays out the calendar of festivals to call God's people to regularly remember God's greatness and His work on their behalf because we tend to forget so easily and ask regularly, "what has God done for me today?"
  • Today's psalms reading reminded me to count my days and live with wisdom in the short time I've been given (Ps. 90:12) and to give all glory to God (Ps. 96:7-8).
  • What a wonderful picture of the life-change that Jesus brings - Luke 19:1-9 - because he was willing to spend time in a "sinner's" home.
  • Gut-check today about why we do what we do - if we do it for our own glory (Luke 20:45-47), we have received our full reward and are in the line of fire from Jesus Himself.

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bryanw said...

I am continually dumbfounded at how inept we are to be in the presence of God. I was challenged that not only is it wrong to sin, but it is wrong to allow someone that I care about to sin as well!!

Psalms reminds us to not only pray for God's restoration but to keep us from going back!! The challenge to have an undivided heart seems to hit right along with your message on Sunday, getting reoriented. Psalms 88 struck close to home tonight as a friend of mine suffers currently in life, but his faith remains strong