Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 25/90: Numbers 1-5, Psalms 103-108, John 1-3

Struggling with the reading today - not feeling well. Worked long today on Sunday's sermon and have an infected tooth that is killing me. I'm on some strong pain medicine for it, so there is no telling what I'll write tonight. On to the reading:

Key Points:
  • Numbers makes me feel better about my detail-oriented nature - it seems I get from God himself. :)
  • I like how Numbers 3:51 talks about Moses giving to Aaron in obedience to the law - just a clear reminder that even the great spiritual leader Moses who giving the law to the people was also responsible to live under it.
  • Another command tonight from the psalmist in Psalm 105 to give thanks to the Lord, so I thought I would. I am thankful tonight for...
    • the work of Jesus on my behalf
    • the most awesome wife a man ever had anywhere at any time
    • the three most beautiful and fun boys any father could wish for
    • the scriptures
    • the Holy Spirit who continues to work on me daily
    • good Mexican food
    • funny movies
    • good friends
    • awesome elders at RR-N
    • huge spiritual giants for mentors
    • baseball season starting soon
    • being able to provide for my family by doing what I love
    • grace
  • I love the insight that John gives us about the person of Jesus - just those little side comments that lets you know that he spent a lot of time with Jesus -- stuff like "Jesus knew what was in man."

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bryanw said...

I pray your feeling better!!

It was interesting to see how God has a job/plan for everyone. Not all of us are to do the same things, there are many ways to serve God, we each have our own talents. It felt like God was answering my questions about the clean/unclean issues when he said that the unclean were moved outside of the camp because God dwelled with his people in the desert..God was really with His people the entire time!!!

I was reminded in Psalms that not only is he powerful, creator, savior etc. but even though we constantly fail Him (just like the disciples) He is always right there waiting for us to come back!!

The end of the reading in John summed it up well for me...."He must become greater; I must become less." It is my prayer that in the ways that I work for God, that it will be reflective of Him and not of me.