Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 26/90: Numbers 6-10, Psalms 109-114, John 4-6

Key Points:
  • I love the fact that Israel was sure to follow God very closely as He led them as a people. They made sure to not move without Him in any way. When He told them to stay put, they did that. When He said it was time to move, they moved. I need to up my sensitivity to the Spirit in order to walk closely with Him.
  • Laura Murray sent me a note in an email that I thought was also captured in this passage today - this crew that is setting up and tearing down the tabernacle is like our facilities crew at the church-plant, faithful to set up everything in order for God's people to connect with Him.
  • Interesting note: Psalm 110 is a much-quoted messianic psalm used in the NT. Just a reminder that though we don't tend to consider the psalms prophetic, the book of Psalms is the most-quoted OT book in the NT.
  • Money quote of the day: Psalm 112:1: "Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in his commands." I'm always challenged by whether or not I fear God properly, but challenged especially today with delighting in God's word. Do I delight in Him?
  • John is so packed-full of great stuff that it is hard to comment on just one or two points. Make sure and note the words "believe" and "send" and their derivatives as you read John - they are the two key words in his gospel account & say a lot about what point He's trying to make.
  • Love the discussion of Jesus in John 5:39-40 where He says that the Pharisees study the Scripture but lack true understanding because they don't meet Jesus in those Scriptures (the OT). Just a reminder that right interpretation of the OT points us to Jesus of Nazareth.

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bryanw said...

just 2 comments tonight...1 that is a question...

Psalms 109...why so much vengeance on the part of David, it seems like he puts himself above everyone else?

Psalms 112:7 Don't be afraid of things not going as you that the Lord knows what is best for me!!