Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 27/90: Numbers 11-15, Psalms 115-120, John 7-9

Key Points:
  • The Numbers narrative is so instructive to me because is points out a real weakness in faith that is sometimes hard to see. Up to this point, the people of Israel had obeyed the commands of God about the sacrifices and the tabernacle faithfully. As we've noted in previous readings, they did exactly what the Lord commanded them through Moses. But, when God asks them to do something completely by faith, to go into the promised-land and trust that He would deliver them from the enemies in the land, they stumble. This is key: though we may be following God in the small things, we can stall out in our spiritual growth when we are not willing to walk by faith and take a risk when God has asked us to step out and trust him. I don't want to be like that - willing to obey with what I can see, but unwilling to obey when I don't see how it's going to work out. The point again: Trust God!
  • So, after chugging all the way through Psalm 119 tonight, one thought struck me as the most powerful: the words of God bring wisdom & understanding. This intrigues me, because I want to live my life in a wise way, making discerning decisions and following the smart path. And though I am young, scripture clearly teaches that I can grow in wisdom by saturating my mind with God's Law.
  • Money quote from today's reading: John 7:46: "No one ever spoke the way this man does," the guards declared. No doubt.
  • When you read John quickly, you can't help but notice that Jesus just says it like it is - he doesn't pull any punches and he speaks right to the people's greatest needs. Powerful words from the lips of Jesus about life, death, faith, and hope.

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