Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 28/90: Num. 16-20, Ps. 121-126, Jn 10-12

Had an awesome date with my wife tonight - a little Gino's Italian (some home-grown stuff here in RR), then the $1 movie - August Rush - not bad for a super-sad, slow, chick movie. I really liked the music & the gal sitting next to me, though. Then we wrapped it all up at the place we always finish out dates these days - HEB - something about shopping without the kids is just too appealing.

Key thoughts on today's reading:
  • Moses' lesson to those who lead is simple: when people grumble against our leadership and doubt our integrity, what do we do? Do we take it into our own hands and suppress the opposition OR do we go the Lord and ask Him to work it out? Moses teaches us to get on our face before God and trust Him to work out His will in our situation - either leading us to repentance or removing our opposition. What a powerful challenge - allowing the Lord to defend us and not feeling like we have to do it on our own.
  • This section of psalms is called the psalms of ascent because they were the songs that the people of Israel would sing whenever they would approach the city of Jerusalem for the festivals and feasts. I love how the psalms of ascent describe the Lord as the one who turns our weeping to joy. That is what they were literally celebrating - that God had turned their weeping in Egypt to joy in the Land. And they continued to sing this song as a celebration of what God had done and a statement of faith about what God would do.
  • How can you not be moved by the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead by Jesus? I don't know how many times I've read this passage, but I still stop and pause when I read, "Jesus wept." I'm not sure why, but maybe just because it so powerfully reconnects me with His humanity and his compassion - He actually cares for us so deeply - I love it.


bryanw said...

I think I like the way John portray's Jesus words, very frank...seems easy to talk to. I enjoyed the way Jesus explains that no one could take his life from him, he would have to be willing to give it up!!

Caitie Moon said...

HEB does the trick, huh?

Loving the posts, when I get the chance to read them...hope to stop by for a service soon to see everyone :)