Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 30/90: Num 26-30, Ps 133-138, Jn 16-18

Had a great coffee this morning with Bob Christensen from HCBC NW who is serving now as the interim pastor for global outreach. Bob has been at NW a long time and served on their elder board, so it was exciting to hear his perspective on HCBC's mission work over the years. I'm excited to see how God leads our church as we pursue His heart for the nations...

Key Points from today's reading:
  • Struck by the need that Moses feels in replacing himself in Numbers 27, and how the Lord leads him to choose Joshua as the next leader that He will work through. Two principles at play here that I think are extremely transferable: (one) we always need to be looking forward to the time when we should replace ourselves as leaders - this is hard to say, but so necessary for our organization. I wonder how many churches have been hurt by pastors who don't reproduce themselves. (two) people need good leaders - even though God was leading the Israelites in such a personal way during the OT, you can tell that the people still needed a human leader to follow.
  • The message of psalm 136 - maybe the message of the whole Bible - His Love Endures Forever. Great reminder about the unchanging character of God.
  • Something so powerful for me in reading the prayer of Jesus in John 17. I never get tired of looking over his words. I will have a quicker step tomorrow knowing that Jesus prayed for me to have joy in Him and for me to be protected from the enemy - awesome. Also scary, though, when you see that Jesus is praying for unity in His church at the end of chapter 17. I'm excited that next week I will be spending some time at a pastors' prayer gathering with other pastors from all over the city of Austin - a great sign of unity at work in the church here in our town.

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