Friday, January 11, 2008

Day Eleven: Exodus 1-5, Psalms 19-24, Mark 1-3

Sorry for the late post tonight - long day today!
Key Points:
  • Moses' story parallels our experience in so many ways, especially when God calls us to do things that we cannot possible do in our own strength. I can relate to Moses in his feelings of inadequacy before God when being called to go speak to Pharaoh. However, you would think after God shows up to you in such a visible way and speaks to you so clearly, you would be ready to obey and go. I guess the Lord is showing us what a fine line we all walk between humbly accepting our weaknesses and just doubting God's strength to overcome them.
  • Psalm 19 is such a powerful word - I echo his prayer - let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, O God.
  • Psalm 22:27-28 reminds us (as some of my meetings today did) that we serve a global God who cares about people from every tribe and tongue around the world. You can always visit to see what is happening all across the globe.
  • I think I need to read Psalm 24:1 every day just to remind me that all my stuff is not really my stuff.
  • I love the book of Mark because it teaches us so much about discipleship (following Jesus). 2:5 is such a challenging passage because Jesus works supernaturally in response not to the man's faith, but in response to his friends' faith. The other key issues related to discipleship in these first three chapters is the resistance one will get when deciding to follow Jesus - from religious leaders, friends, and family. Not much has changed in 2000 years.

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bryanw said...

I think there is a lesson in Moses about God's timing, while we know that he has the power to just make things happen in an instant, we are sometimes impatient to wait for His timing.

Curious as to why Jesus would mute to evil spirits so that couldn't proclaim whom He was, all the while speaking and operating with all the authority He has.