Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Day Nine: Genesis 41-15, Psalms 7-12, Matthew 25-26

Key Points:
  • 2 years in jail waiting for God to deliver you because you are innocent - wow, Joseph had very strong faith. And of course, God rewarded that faith and made Joseph 2nd only to Pharaoh - just a reminder about how quickly our fortunes can change.
  • I personally love Joseph's story, as a I said yesterday, because it always reminds me that whatever happens in my life (and how random it may seem at the time), God is the true author of my story - He knows what He is doing all the time.
  • The psalms always seems to point me toward evaluating where my confidence is placed. The psalmist write about God as their refuge and strong tower, meaning that they would run to God in times of trial and trouble. Do I do that? I think many times I may miss what God is doing because I too quickly trying to figure out how He is going to work, rather than just waiting on Him to move. My faith continues to need to grow, because God honors faith, but also because the strength of my faith will lead to the strength of my obedience.
  • God knows everything we do - a good reminder from Psalm 10:11 that we can't hide any part of our life from God, though we may try hard to hide it from others. God knows us.
  • Jesus demonstrates again in his teaching in Matthew 25 that God's heart beats for the the underprivileged in our world today. I wonder sometimes if we have Jesus pegged wrong (maybe too American) because we don't reflect his work with the poor and needy.
  • Jesus' experience in Matthew 26 reminds me that He can identify with all of our struggles - He has been through betrayal, darkness, injustice, and unanswered prayer just like we have. And yet, He remained faithful to God through it all.


bryanw said...

ok...did anyone else get the feeling that Joseph enjoyed toying with his brothers? I could see a typical brother relationship in the passage.

Psalm 10 seemed to standout to me all this time of unrest..I continue to be amazed at how the Bible mirrors life!!

Jesus' request to God to find another way for Salvation really seemed to humanize (sp?) the man. Aware of the pain, agony that was coming he wanted another way out, unlike any of us, though, he understands the Father's plan.

Hallam Fam News said...

Okay, so I finished my reading from yesterday and today. It took me a long time tonight.

I'm back on track though

Provident 360 said...

I too love the story of Joseph. It gives me peace of mind in troubling times.