Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day Ten: Genesis 46-50, Psalms 13-18, Matthew 27-28

Key Points:
  • Finishing Genesis felt awesome today - what a great book full of wonderful stories. I'm going to have to preach through Genesis at some point - I'm just nervous it would take two years to do it - which might be worth it. :)
  • Another messianic note in Jacob's blessings to his kids - that the scepter would not leave the line of Judah - that royal blood would flow through this line. And of course, this is the line out of the twelve sons of Jacob (twelve tribes of Israel) from which Jesus came.
  • I love the compassion of Joshua highlighted in these last chapters where he is shown weeping and so deeply moved over his brothers, his dad, and how God had provided for him.
  • Key line of Genesis: "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is not being done, the saving of many lives." Can't you almost substitute Jesus as the author of this quote? Awesome...
  • An interesting exercise sometimes when we read the Psalms is to take ourselves out of the author's seat and put Jesus in it. Obviously, David, or someone from the royal house, wrote most of these psalms, so it isn't too far of a stretch to read them like the true Son of David is the one writing them. Of course, this is a little more scary as Jesus is the now the righteous One and we are his enemies coming against him. Of course, the parallel is not one-to-one, especially when David is praying about his sin, etc., but it does change the way you look at the psalms - from always making ourself the hero of each psalm and looking at them as more about Christ.
  • Well said: "the Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior!" - Psalm 18:46
  • How can you not be moved by the last two chapters of Matthew - the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord - so powerful to read again. Amazing that His death was so powerful that at the time of His death some were who dead came back to life.
  • The cross and resurrection of Jesus is such a beautiful picture of God's love and a awesome reminder of God's power - even over death.


bryanw said...

I'm stoked about actually finishing 2 books of the Bible!!!

anyways, the words of this song kept playing in my head as I finished Genesis ....Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord!!! not sure if this is where it came from but surely had to be an inspiration for the song writer.

As I read Psalms today I noticed that David gave all the credit to God when he was I?

As I read the crucifixtion it stated that Jesus gave up his spirit...the note in my Bible really hammered this home...HE gave it up...the Romans, the Jews they did not Kill him, they persecuted him, they caused him to suffer unimaginable pain and embarrassment, however, it was only when Jesus decided to die, that he gave up his Spirit. I had never read it this way before and it truly reminded me of his power and love for me all at the same time!!!

Hallam Fam News said...

So, Genesis was great. I love Joseph's commentary about what his brothers intended for evil. the problem is, I also struggle with that statement because you can easily fall into a trap of excusing the evil that happens your life by saying "well, God meant it for good." While this is true, it doesn't ever excuse evil or sin. I'm working on learning that.

It is amazing to look at the blessings/prophecies that Jacob speaks over his sons. The words over Judah are so cool!

I'm a worship pastor - I love the Psalms!

There is always power in the reading and re-reading of the Easter story.