Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day Thirteen: Exodus 11-15, Psalms 31-36, Mark 7-9

Great Sunday today at church & playoff football this afternoon - what a day. Go Cowboys!
Key Points for today's reading:
  • The Lord is a Warrior as Moses' song says - He goes to battle for the Israelites in such a miraculous way against Pharaoh and His army. I need to be reminded that we serve an all-powerful God who can do whatever He wants - I wonder if many times my faith is too weak because my idea of God is too mild.
  • Of course, when we see God in all His strength, we are moved to fear Him; this is exactly what happens when the Israelites see God destroy Pharaoh's army. When I see God as He truly is, I will fear Him and stand in awe of Him. And as Proverbs says, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
  • Like I mentioned before, the psalms describe what trust in God looks like over and over again. Today's reading challenged me that trusting Him demands that I wait on Him and not always take things into my own hands - extremely difficult for me.
  • Blessed is the man whose sins have been covered - this is an amazing reminder of the blessing we have in Jesus Christ.
  • In today's reading in Mark, I love how the narrative takes us through the miracles of Jesus and the teachings of Jesus and has the one story in the middle of it all where the blind man is healed. We are just like those disciples - blind to see who Jesus really is and what He is really doing. God, help us to see Jesus accurately.

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bryanw said...

I find it odd that a nation of people that are actually seeing God work, have so little faith that He will take care of them. There is a huge reminder for me that God is powerful enough to take care of all my small needs..

I had some clarity...Jesus knew that his disciples bleived in who He was. He also knew that He had to be crucified, had he let everyone know who He was and truely understand it, there may not have been a large enough group to fight FOR the crucifixtion.