Thursday, January 03, 2008

Day Three: Genesis 11-15, Job 13-18, Matthew 7-9

Time: 39:01
Key Points:
  • God's choice of Abram to bless among all the nations is a testimony to both God's sovereign election and His abounding grace. Scripture is unflinching about the wrong choices that Abram made along the way (especially with his wife), but still declares that his faith in God was credited to him as righteousness before God. Another reminder that faith moves the heart of God, and that faith in God leads us to obedience.
  • Job's friends continue to question Job about his attitude toward God. The conversation is honest, revealing, and completely in-your-face. Job continues to look to God as his strength even as he takes his complaints directly to God. It reads to me like his friends see this as a disconnect - that you can't trust God and question Him at the same time. In fact, they go so far as to challenge Job to repent and turn from his sin (maybe sinful actions they believe happened in the past, but maybe also how they see his attitude toward God right now). I think the whole book is a word to us from God that we can understand his character and walk by faith and still have honest questions. I think the Scripture is giving us permission to come to God with all our issues - He's big enough to handle our questions.
  • The ministry of Job's friends reminds me to sometimes just have a ministry of silence, a ministry of presence, and not feel like I always have to say something when I'm with people who are hurting. Usually, whatever we say is not going to help. We see this with Job - the wounds of his experience are too fresh for him to sit and entertain this theological conversation with his friends. I see him just longing for them to sit with him and weep with him, not argue with him.
  • Matthew's passage reminded me today Jesus has an authority unlike anyone that has ever walked the earth - authority over disease, nature, death, and the spiritual world. The call from Matthew is submit to this Kingdom authority and to have faith. In all the stories of this passage, faith plays a key part. Do I believe in the power of Jesus?
  • Most penetrating verse personally: Matthew 9:12 - it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. Amen.


bryanw said...

I had a funny thought after reading Genesis and the continued long lifes that we are reading about....Maybe we as human became too successful at "be fruitful and multiply" that our current life span is only 1/10 of what it use to be because Earth is out of room!!

Job's faith continues to touch me...and his conversation with God hits home that we can talk to him about everything...including complaining about what is going on in our lives, God understands we are human!

Jesus compassion is amazing but is frustrating to a point to read how he heals the new believers while reading how Job suffered. It's an example that the primary work on earth is to be focused on the unchurched...not the churched!!!

T Buss said...

Here is a probably obvious question... Why in Matthew 9:30 did God say, "See that no one knows about this" when he healed the blind men? Her performed lots of other miracles in front of many, but he wanted these 2 men to keep silent about it?

Hallam Fam News said...

tonight's read happened in about 50 minutes. I'm whipped - no commentary tonight. I had to go back to my store tonight at 7pm, extenguish a proverbial fire, and ended up sending an employee home and staying and working a closing my pajamas!

Is there another termination in Douglas' future.....? Stay tuned!

Keith Ferguson said...

Tiffany, there is not a consensus on the divine "secret" - why Jesus wanted to keep his identity from being spread to rapidly. Some think that He didn't want His identity to spread too quickly because He didn't want to crowds to push him into some kind of earthly rule before His time. I don't think we'll ever know, but simply have to trust that at that moment, Jesus was not ready to have His name shared everywhere. of course, now that he has completed his work on earth, we are commanded to go and share it, not keep it to ourselves.