Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day Twelve: Exodus 6-10, Psalms 25-30, Mark 4-6

Good to see everyone at our men's meeting this morning - what a great time at Rudy's!
Key Points:
  • God says He sends the plagues on Egypt and on Pharaoh so that the world will know that He is the Lord and that He has all power in the earth. Interesting that God's highest passion is for His name and renown to be known in all the earth - are we on board with what God is doing?
  • The passages that describe Pharaoh's hard heart are some of the most difficult in the Scriptures because the description changes back and forth between giving Pharaoh the responsibility and then giving God the responsibility. What's doing on here? I think the Bible is pointing us toward both realities - Pharaoh's heart was hard on his own, but God also hardened his heart for His own purposes. Reminds us that God is in control of all things.
  • This section of the psalms continues to challenge me to trust God in every situation in my life, especially the times when it feels like I'm in the pit - like David does in many of these psalms.
  • One major reason I think the psalms continue to speak to powerfully in every generation is the range of emotion that we find in them - from honest description of very dark times to great moments of praise for God's goodness. We can all find words in the psalms to help us describe the emotions we are going through at any certain point in our lives.
  • In the Mark section of today's reading, I was especially reminded that Jesus calls his disciples to do things that are simply impossible to do. But that is when His power is most on display!

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bryanw said...

After reading the lengths God goes to show who He is...I wonder how many examples he is giving today that we are missing?

The Psalmist in these verses seemed to be desperate for God. Made me wonder if even though I have the security of I desperate for God?

Miracles only happen when Faith is apart of it.