Sunday, February 10, 2008

Big News Monday...

Big News Today - We're having a girl! Who knew we could actually do that?

Day 41&42/90: Joshua 6-15, Song 1-8, & Romans 1-6
Key Points:
  • The message of Joshua so far: when God fights for you, nothing else matters. More than we need more gimmicks, we need the power of God on our side.
  • The song of songs is beautiful poetry and reminds me that I am being biblical when I enjoy my wife. It also reminds me of the powerful picture that romantic love is of the intimacy that God wants with His church.
  • The first six chapters of Romans is so theologically packed with truth, its hard to know what to comment on - the sinfulness of man, the faithfulness of God, the truthfulness of the Law, the righteousness that comes by faith, the peace that comes through Christ, or the new freedom from sin we have in Christ. What an awesome book.

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