Saturday, February 02, 2008

Day 33/90: Duet 1-5, Prov 1-6, Acts 4-6

Filed our federal income tax today with Turbo Tax online. Wasn't really that motivated to get it done until I discovered we might get a little something back this year - another bright spot of having three little ones in the house. Today's reading was a big chunk of text & had so much meat that I will have to fight hard the urge to write at length on any of these topics.w

Key Points on today's reading:
  • You have to love Deuteronomy - such an awesome theologically-packed summary of the history of the people of Israel up to that point and Moses' understanding of how the Law of God fit into that history. Chapter 4 contains so many powerful sections as it describes the character of God (He is a burning fire, a jealous God) and the reasons for God's work among the nation of Israel (in order for them and the nations to know that the Lord is God). Again, in this section, you begin to really understand the value of remembering God's work in your past. Moses (and God Himself) is concerned that the people of Israel will get into the land, into a place of blessing and prosperity, and that they will forget the Lord. And, of course, this is exactly what happens to Israel - they get blessed for obedience and then they fall away into all kids of idolatry. There's enough material in that one thought for a whole series of sermons, but we'll just leave it alone tonight.
  • I feel like after my 90-days through the Bible I might have to camp out in Proverbs for a while. My heart so connects with the them of this book - living with wisdom, not just any wisdom, but that which starts with fear of the Lord and comes from gaining understanding from God's commands. As a pastor, I see so many unwise choices in people's lives that bring so much heartache and pain. As a culture, we tend to have everything we need physically, but we definitely lack wisdom. Chapter 5 on watching out for the snare of adultery could again be a whole teaching series - so much truth packed into one chapter.
  • Quote of the day: Acts 4:13 -- "When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus." -- whatever schooling I get, I hope that people notice most of all that I've been with Jesus and that He has radically changed my life.
  • I love the dynamic of the early-church: the power of the Holy Spirit on display, the name of Jesus boldly being proclaimed, lives being regularly changed, and mission moving forward. I'm sad sometimes when I think about the many stale, dying churches in America today. O God, bring a fresh move of your Spirit that will shake the foundations of churches worldwide.

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