Sunday, February 03, 2008

Day 34/90: Deut 6-10, Prov 7-12, Acts 7-9

What an awesome finish to the game tonight - we had a great time hanging out with some neighbors that we have become good friends with. I have to admit I was rooting for the Giants and was excited when they knocked the Patriots off their perch - great fourth quarter football. Had a great day today - church was exciting this morning as well. On to the reading --

Key Points on Today's reading:
  • Deuteronomy 6-10 may be one of the richest theological sections of the Law because it gives Moses' perspective on all that the nation of Israel had been through and what God was teaching them through it - this is a major section of the "do not forget" for the Israelites. The danger is so real of getting into a position of blessing and then forgetting what God has done - missing the main point that God is the one who has given us even the ability to work and earn and succeed in the first place. Chapter 6 is especially powerful as it relates to issues of parenting and passing on our faith to the next generation. I also love the end of chapter 10 where God challenges the people to fear Him, obey Him, and serve Him with all their hearts. We see in these verses the heart of God - that through the whole sacrificial system what God wanted (and now wants) the most was their hearts - that they would love Him supremely.
  • I've been talking a lot to my boys these days about wise choices versus foolish choices - exactly the foundation of what Solomon shares with his sons. I guess all parents desire that their kids would end up making wise choices on their own after learning clear biblical and moral guidelines for how to live at home. I pray for wisdom in my own life that my kids can see in action, and I pray that they would pick up the wisdom that God gives in his Word, not just worldly wisdom. The proverbs are clear: wisdom comes from God, and we begin to gain it by fearing Him. The fear of the Lord has fallen out of favor among American Christians because we prefer to think of God as our friend instead of our judge, but we need to regain a healthy sense of awe as we approach God so that we can grow in wisdom as well.
  • Proverb of the day: Proverbs 10:19: When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise. Amen.
  • I never gets old reading about the amazing conversion of Saul to Paul. I'm praying for those kind of conversions in our city and around the world - that those who are harshest in their opposition to the gospel would find themselves inexplicably drawn to Christ.


bryanw said...

Reading proverbs, reminded me that I need to be teaching those that look up to me and not chastising them(especially my boys!) is hard, one is easy!!!

Caitie Moon said...

hey keith :)

I don't know if he told you, but Tim is in Lousianna now and looking to travel the states with an evangelist just sharing the gospel to anyone who might listen...

and he's blogging it:

just thought you might be interested :)

Keith Ferguson said...

Thanks, Caitie - good to hear an update on Tim - very interesting.