Monday, February 04, 2008

Day 35/90: Deut 11-15, Prov 13-18, Acts 10-12

Found enough wi-fi signal to get a post out tonight --

Key Points on Today's Read:
  • This section of Deuteronomy continues to hit the central message of the book: love and obey God - don't get distracted by the gods of the other nations and don't give away your heart to follow others leaders - follow God alone. I especially like 12:32 - do not add or take away from God's law. Interesting that God would comment that adding to His law is as dangerous as taking away from it. This completely meshes with Jesus' teaching in the NT against the Pharisees who added so much to God's law in order to make sure that they kept it. We need to make sure that we don't add to God's law in an attempt to make ourselves feel better about our own holiness.
  • Again have to take note of Deuteronomy 15:4 - there shouldn't be any poor among you. Amazing how when you read quickly through the OT you notice the heart of God for the least of those among us especially jump off the page.
  • A few huge proverbs that impacted me today:
    • 13.20: walk with the wise - we should take note of who we spend time listening to.
    • 13.24: if we love our kids, we will discipline them.
    • 14.31: care for the poor - are we seeing a theme here?
    • 16.9: we fool ourselves into thinking we're in complete control of our lives.
    • 17.9: I need to learn to not repeat an offense, but to let it go - ouch.
  • You have to love Peter's words in Acts 10.26: "I'm only a man myself." - so important for everyone to remember about their spiritual leaders.
  • I always enjoy the vitality and miracles of the early church. I also desire to have their great missionary zeal - to spread the message of Christ to others.

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