Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Day 36/90: Deut 16-20, Prov 19-24, Acts 13-15

Had a great pastor prayer retreat yesterday and today - exciting what God is doing to unite the pastors in Greater Austin. Watching the primary election returns tonight reminds of two emotions I always have at election time: (1) I love our democratic system and (2) my hope is not ultimately in any political leader.

Today's reading highlights:
  • I like how the Lord challenges the people to "not be afraid" as they go into the land and face enemies that they know they cannot fight on their own. This is another testimony to how God challenges us to trust Him over our own abilities.
  • I am challenged by the truth of Proverbs 20:6: a faithful man, who can find? We need more faithful men who are men of integrity that keep their word - great reminder.
  • I love that the community of believers in Antioch was a "sending" church - listening to God's voice and responding in obedience to send out those He is calling. We have a lot to learn here.

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bryanw said...

As a Dad of 3 boys, Proverbs seems to speak directly to me on SOOO many levels!!

2 things...I should choose my words carfully and speak only as needed...both very hard for me. Second, something for me to teach my boys: Choose your wife very carefully, as the right one is a pure gift from God, but the wrong one will cause so much strife.

It was powerful to see the revelation that God accepts us just how we are, nothing to fix for him to love/accept us, a desire to change on our behalf because he loves and forgives us!