Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 43/90: Joshua 16-20, Isaiah 1-6, Romans 7-9

Highlights for me today:
  • The Joshua narrative at this points shares how the land was given to each tribe (as a testimony of God's faithfulness to His promises) and how they failed to drive out all the Canaanites that God had told them to drive out (which really sets up the narrative for the book of Judges very well). Partial obedience leads to partial blessing, huh?
  • The first six chapters of Isaiah are powerful because they show how Isaiah, as God's prophet, was called to proclaim the coming judgment of God on the nation (as an act of mercy on them), but had his perspective changed when he got face-to-face before God himself (chapter 6). It is definitely true that our judgment of others turns to personal repentance when we catch a glimpse of the fullness of God's glory.
  • I just need to soak in the truth of Romans 8 that nothing can separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus - I guess sometimes I just struggle enough with believing that God really loves me since He really knows me. But Scripture says His love is secure in Christ.

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