Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 44/90: Josh 21-24, Isa 7-12, Rom 10-12

Highlights from today's reading:
  • Joshua's description of God's faithfulness to Israel is very encouraging and reminds us of an essential part of God's character - He is faithful to all His promises.
  • Joshua's charge to the nation at the end of his book to choose who they will serve is powerful and personally challenging, but also a reminder of how passing on a vibrant faith is so crucial. The generation that lived with Joshua was faithful to the call of God, but the next generation was not - as we will read in detail in the graphic book of Judges. This narrative section calls us make sure that every generation remembers the faithfulness of God to the previous generation and experiences the faithfulness of God for themselves.
  • I think the prophecies of Isaiah 7-11 & the later suffering servant prophecies are some of the best passages in the Bible to talk about its authority and divine origin. They are so specific and so perfectly descriptive of the life of Jesus - increases my faith in the only Son of God.
  • Isaiah 12 contains some wonderful praise songs to God - praising Him for great deeds and His wonderful love - I echo that song tonight.
  • Romans 10:14-15 reminds me that we need to be a "sending" church that is raising up leaders and pastors and Bible-teachers and evangelists to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the world.
  • How awesome if Paul's collection of OT verses at the end of Romans 11 as he praises God for his amazing work of salvation that he has explained from Romans 1 to Romans 11.

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bryanw said...

as this is my first time to read all the way through I am really struck by the constant reminder of leaders in the old testament to remember the Law and stick to it, including remembering Gods faithfulness and then reading Romans and having Paul really desribe what changed when Jesus came, the Law really becoming the Moral code that is in all of us, but not being bound by the Law. Seeing even in Isaiah how frustrated God becomes with the Israelites that he tells them then that he is sending Christ to unite and finally bring Salvation to all people not just the Israelites!!!!!