Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 56/90: 1 Sam 24-27, Jer 13-18, 2 Cor 12-13

Highlights from today's reading:
  • I continue to be challenged by David's submission to authority as he waits for God to fulfill His promise that David would one day become king. I don't know how far you can push this principle, but it seems to me that good leaders always know how to be good followers before they become good leaders. Or said another way, one needs to be in submission to others as he attempts to lead others for Christ.
  • There is so much that can be written about these chapters in Jeremiah - in fact, back in June of 2005, I wrote a series of devotionals on the book of Jeremiah - 36 devotionals in all - that started on June 14th of 2005 - you can see them here. So, I don't feel the need to rehash all of that, but I was convicted again this evening that I have too low a view of the just wrath of our God - that I don't fear Him and walk humbly with Him as I should. I fear that too many days I consider God as much smaller and less grand than He really is.
  • Jeremiah 17:5-8 reminds us that the whole message of the Bible is consistent - God wants our trust to be in Him, not in ourselves or our circumstances. Faith, worship, obedience - this is what God desires from His people.
  • 2 Corinthians 12-13 contains Paul's discussion of how God's power was made perfect in his weakness - a tremendous theological statement about the jealousy of God for His own glory - that He will humble us as He needs to in order to bring Himself the greatest glory in our lives.

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