Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 57/90: 1 Sam 28-31, Jer 19-24, Gal 1-3

Highlights from today's reading:
  • I love that David waits to make sure that God is in the battle before he leads his men into it. I also love that David waited for the Lord to remove Saul from the throne without taking things into his own hands - what an amazing display of trust and confidence in the Lord.
  • I'm compelled by Jeremiah's example to preach the words of God regardless of the persecution and pain that it brings - he says that God's word is like a fire in his bones that must get out. I want my preaching to be like that - a burning message that I must get out.
  • Again, we see our consistent theme of the Scriptures in Jeremiah 22:16, where God says that defending the cause of the poor and the needy are what it means to know the Lord. Very convicting.
  • Quote of the day: Galatians 2:20: "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me." The book of Galatians - a beautiful exposition of the grace of God available freely through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Danny Burch said...

Hey Keith!
Have you ever read Craig Groeschel's book "Confessions of a Pastor"?

Keith Ferguson said...

yes - great little read.