Monday, March 03, 2008

Day 63/90: 1 Kings 1-5, Lam 1-5, Col 1-2

Today's Highlights:
  • I am encouraged to pray for wisdom after reading about Solomon's prayer for wisdom as king of Israel. I know that as a pastor maybe the greatest need I have every day is for supernatural wisdom from God in the decisions that I make. I know that Barie prays daily for me to have divine wisdom in my leadership, and I so appreciate her prayers. I definitely need more wisdom from the Lord each day.
  • Lamentations is an interesting book because it describes the heartfelt cry of a people who have experienced the judgment of God firsthand. They have lost their homeland and their capital city - they understand that God has judged them for their idolatry, and that they should take the consequences of their actions, but it still hurts. I can hear the words of Job in the background - "should we accept good from the hand of the Lord and not bad?" A very challenging question. Overall, however, I really liked reading the charge to be still before the Lord, wait on Him and trust Him for all things. As a motivated young leader, I constantly need to be reminded to wait on the Lord - He is the One at work, not me.
  • Paul's language in Colossians is so beautiful - the complete supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ. A great reminder that He is the leader of our church, and that we should ask regularly, "What does Jesus want us to do?"

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