Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 73/90: 1 Chron 1-5, Dan 7-12, Philemon

Today's reading highlights:
  • 1 Chronicles 1-5 mainly contains the genealogies of the lines of Israel, but it does contain some fascinating notes that were obviously significant to the community of the Jewish faithful. One is in 2:3 where the Bible describes Er as an evil son of Judah that God put to death - wow. Another well known one now is Jabez' prayer in 4:9-10, and God granted his request. The final interesting one to me is found in 5:20 where the Reubenites are commended for trusting in God during their battle - same theme everywhere in Scripture, isn't it?
  • The end of Daniel is again packed with great theological ideas - the reign of God (as Ancient of Days), the work of the Son of Man in establishing His kingdom, and great prophetic themes on the eschaton - the last days. I love that the Word of God is so specific about future prophecies - coming kings and kingdoms and how they will be victorious for a season, then be overthrown by another kingdom - all except the kingdom of God and His Anointed One. Daniel's prophecy at the end of chapter 9 is one that gives me great confidence in the Scriptures and points me to the Messiah as the true King of the world.
  • I love the thought in Philemon 6 - that being active in sharing our faith helps us have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ - reminder to be more bold with the gospel.

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