Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day 75/90: 1 Chron 11-15, Hosea 5-8, Heb 5-7

Today's Reading Highlights:
  • Two quick thoughts on 1 Chronicles today: one, great leaders are always surrounded by outstanding people - this is true in David's life (with all the mighty men and prophets, etc.) and is true in every leader's life today; two, the people of Israel knew how to shout and celebrate their God - we seem to have lost some of the passion they contained.
  • Hosea contains some powerful language about how the Lord desires to bind up the wounds of His people and heal them of all the damage they have experienced. But His people continue to mistake what He wants (and this is very helpful for me today as a pastor). God does not want sacrifice (6:6) or empty words (8:2), He wants faithful devotion and passionate worship. God wants the fidelity of his people just like Hosea wanted the fidelity of His bride.
  • The middle of Hebrews begin teaching some of the "meat of the Word" as chapter 5 describes it, especially the truth that Jesus came as our High Priest, but not as one who makes regular sacrifices for us, but as the One who made the once-for-all sacrifice of Himself. What an awesome Savior that we serve.

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