Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 76/90: 1 Chron 16-20, Hosea 9-11, Heb 8-10

My Baylor Bears got a NCAA tournie bid! I better celebrate now before it's all over.
Today's reading highlights:
  • 1 Chronicles picks up some at this point by recounting the life of King David in much more detail - telling us wonderful details about his intimacy with God and about his victories as King of Israel. I love the psalm of praise in 1 Chronicles 16 - it reminds me to spend time writing out my praise to God. I also really like and am challenged by David's response to God in chapter 17 - he is so humble in asking what he has done to deserve the awesome blessings of God on his life. I feel this way so many days of the week.
  • The words of Hosea continue to move me as they describe the compassionate response of God to His people even though they have forgot His wonderful deeds on their behalf and have run hard after other gods. I can't imagine the sorrow this causes God, but his gentleness is surprising to me - not one of attributes we normally talk about, but is obviously present in these chapters. God is awesome and causes the nations to tremble, yet pursue his people with a lover's touch - wild stuff.
  • So much great theology in Hebrews 8-10, showing in great detail how the Old Testament sacrificial system was a "shadow" of the realities in heaven - showing how Jesus' once-for-all death and his shed blood covered the people of faith so that their sins could be atoned for and their relationship with God restored. A key reminder about the importance of understanding the OT in interpreting the NT.

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