Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 77/90: 1 Chron 21-25, Hosea 12-14, Heb 11-13

Today's Highlights:
  • This part of Chronicles fills in some of the details in the reign of King David and helps us understand some of the narrative of the transition between David and his son, Solomon. I was especially challenged by 21:24 where David decides that he will not sacrifice anything to the Lord that does not cost him something. This is a thought to dwell on - are we quick to give cheap things to God and keep the best things for ourselves?
  • The call from the end of Hosea is to remember - God desires love and justice from His people, not just outward sacrifice - this sounds a ton like Jesus in the NT - check your heart, not just your actions. The other call from God in Hosea is to return to Him, to repent and be delivered. God's wrath is real and just, but His mercy is available to all those who turn to Him.
  • I was encouraged tonight by Hebrews 11 to increase my faith, to walk in such a way that demonstrates that Jesus Christ alone is the source of my hope. Walking by faith when many resources are available is challenging and involves taking big risks for the Lord.

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