Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 78/90: 1 Chron 26-29, Joel 1-3, James 1-3

Today's Highlights:
  • Two thoughts hit me while reading the end of 1 Chronicles tonight: organization and delegation. Both were necessary then to get things done and both are necessary now for us to lead God's people. I need to spend more time thinking about our church's organization and my own ability to delegate.
  • David's response to God in 29:14-17 is very amazing - he exalts the Lord for the people's generosity, them praises God because He is the true source all of good it. I'm also personally challenged by the fact that God gave David a vision that would be accomplished by his son, Solomon. Wonder how many times God gives us vision for what will only be accomplished by those who come after us?
  • The book of Joel repeats many of the themes of the OT: God will bring judgment on his people and other nations for their wicked idolatry, but he announces his plan with the hope that His people will "return to him with all their hearts." I love the phrase in 2:13 - "Rend your heart and not your garments." - another sign that God ultimately cares about the hearts of his people over their outward behavior. This again demonstrates to me that Jesus is simply expounding on an OT theme rather than reversing the teaching of the OT.
  • Verse of the day: Joel 2:32: "And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." - Paul's thoughts in Romans 10:13 are his understanding of how Jesus fulfills this OT passage - awesome.
  • So many things we can learn from James 1-3 about trials and applying God's word and showing our faith through our actions and keeping our tongue in check. But today, what struck me first was James' concern that we take care of the poor among us and respect them well. (2:1-9) Another reminder for me about the inverted nature of God's kingdom.

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