Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 79/90: 2 Chron 1-6, Amos 1-3, James 4-5

Today's reading highlights:
  • Really enjoyed reading the extra detail provided in 2 Chron 1-6 about the life and leadership of King Solomon. I was challenged by his comments about building a temple that reflected the greatness of His God. I also like how he prayed during the dedication of the temple, asking God to answer prayer from all peoples so that they would know that He is God - that feels like a great prayer that I can pray over our city.
  • Amos' words cut to the heart because he takes the foreign nations to task first, and you can almost feel the people of Israel rejoicing in his words. But then he turns to Israel and shares God's words of judgment on his own people. He takes the people of Israel to task for...
    • being more concerned with profit than righteousness (3:6)
    • being more concerned with profit than the poor (3:6)
    • oppressing the poor by denying them justice (3:7)
    • sexual immorality (3:7)
    • mixing their religious practices with personal pursuits (3:8)
    • ignoring their commitments to God (3:12)
    • silencing the messages from God (3:12)
  • ...sounds like many things He would take us to task for today. Reminder to check our hearts and make sure they line up with His heart.
  • James 4 & 5 have so many practical instructions that I need to work on, but the ones that always challenge me personally are his call to humility and his high view of the work of prayer. I need more of both in my life.

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