Friday, March 21, 2008

Day 80/90: 2 Chron 7-12, Amos 4-6, 1 Peter 1-3

Today's reading highlights...
  • In the reading tonight on 2 Chronicles, I was touched again by the story of King Rehoboam looking for council about how to lead his people. The leaders of Israel had come and asked for relief from the King - that he would not treat them like his father did. Rehoboam consults the elders in the city and they tell him to show mercy in his leadership, and then he consults his young friends and they tell him to be harder then his father. Of course, he sides with his young assistants and the thing blows up in his face and splits the kingdom. I know there are several lessons in this story, but the one that stands out to me is those of us who are young leaders need to take the counsel of our older mentors very seriously.
  • The words of Amos cut to the heart of God's concern with how His people had responded to their election and His law. First, they had become comfortable in their status and stopped "seeking God," instead deciding that because they were God's people it didn't matter how they lived. Second, they got caught up in their ritual obedience and forgot that God's greatest desire was always for their love and devotion, not their tradition. More later on God's direction to them to get their hearts right.
  • So many awesome teachings in 1 Peter 1-3, but most of all tonight I'm reminded that I should show that "inexpressible joy" that comes from knowing and following Jesus - that whatever happens, I know in whom I have believed and I know that He is able to complete what He has promised to do. Do I have that deep-joy and does it show?

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