Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 81/90: 2 Chron 13-18, Amos 7-9, 1 Peter 4-5

Today's reading highlights:
  • Two thoughts on this part of 2 Chronicles...
    • One, a great reminder that these people knew war as a way of life. Of course, our global community is not much different as there is a constant struggle to maintain power and authority over others. This makes Jesus' coming as the "prince of peace" even more meaningful - peace not just internally with God, but peace even between nations.
    • Two, faithfulness in one part of your life to the Lord and his calling does not mean that you will be faithful forever. We never get to the point where we stop needing God's help and other people to spur us on toward love and good deeds. Case in point - Asa in 2 Chronicles 16 - followed God so well for so long and yet fumbled at the end. Ouch.
  • Money quote: 2 Chronicles 16:9 -- "For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him."
  • Amos 7 is a good reminder that there will always be those who want you to speak for God and those who want you to shut up and sit down. We must obey God.
  • The end of Amos reminds me of Thomas Jefferson's words that he feared for America because he knew that God was just and that his justice would not terry forever.
  • Above all, love each other deeply. - well said Peter.

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