Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day 84/90: 2 Chron 31-36, Micah 5-7, 1 John 4-5

Today's reading highlights:
  • The end of 2 Chronicles completes the amazing stories of King Hezekiah and King Josiah, two of the godly kings who served in Judah before the nation was sent into exile. They responded to the commands of the Lord and used their platform to exert influence for God's kingdom as they led their people to follow God and obey His commandments. Another reminder that leadership is so important in the direction that people go. I was especially moved by reading how God was gracious to those kings who would humble themselves and repent even when they had not been following Him consistently. Our God is gracious all the time, wanting His people to turn to Him and wanting to show them compassion and mercy.
  • The end of Micah contains great Messianic prophecies that look toward the future hope of the nation of Israel. This section includes the passage about the Messiah coming from Bethlehem and about how he will be the hope of the nation. But the most awesome language is at the end of Micah 7 where the prophet reminds the reader, "who is a God like you, who delights to show mercy." This reinforces what I said above in 2 Chronicles - we have an awesome, gracious God.
  • 1 John reminds me that the process of spiritual development is straight-forward: believe in Jesus, love God and people, and obey Jesus' teachings. I don't know why we make it so much more complicated than that. Good reminder tonight to love people and be gracious to them as God has been gracious to us.

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