Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 86/90: Ezra 6-10, Zeph 1-3, Haggai 1-2, Rev 1-5

Today's reading highlights:
  • Ezra is recorded in his book as a man who knew the Law of God, taught it and observed all that it said. I guess your bio could be worse, huh? A good reminder from Ezra today that I need to be genuinely moved by the sin in the lives of the people that I lead. Obviously, I need to show grace as God has shown grace, but I also need to be broken over what breaks God's heart. Am I? Depends on the day, sometimes...
  • I am moved by Zephaniah's proclamation of the great and terrible day of the Lord coming soon. I really hear his words when he says that people say in their hearts, "God will never do anything" and they become complacent and ignore the obvious signs. I pray that I don't become callous to the reality of Jesus' return - it is surely coming soon.
  • The book of Haggai reminded me of the truth we talked about this morning at our association elder-meeting: our checkbook reflects our priorities. Haggai tells the people that their expenditures (all on their own house and not on God's house) reflects the devotion of their hearts - all about themselves and little about God. This is a challenging critique for the church today - a recent survey showed that while most evangelicals believe that God desires at least ten percent of their income, few evangelicals actually give that amount.
  • The book of Revelation is one of my favorites because it gives us such a vivid image of the person and glory of Jesus Christ. I like the letters to the churches in 1-3 (and am thinking about preaching a series on those letters some day soon), but I am especially compelled by the image of the throne, the One who sits on the throne, and the Lamb in chapters 4 & 5. I always get chills when I read the praise going to Him on the throne from the court of heaven and the elders. Jesus is worthy to receive praise from all peoples in all nations at all times. Jesus is worth our every sacrifice and commitment.

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