Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 87/90: Neh 1-7, Zech 1-4, Rev 6-10

Today's reading highlights:
  • So much to learn from Nehemiah's example of faithful, God-honoring leadership and shepherding of people to accomplish a vision. I was especially challenged tonight by his courage in the face of opposition (from without and within) and his commitment to prayer. I need to consistently grow in my commitment to prayer - I know that God continues to draw me into a deeper fellowship with Him. I keep hearing Him say that as the responsibilities get greater, my reliance on Him must get deeper.
  • Zechariah is full of apocalyptic language and prophetic pronouncement, most explicitly about the Day of the Lord and the coming Messiah (called the Branch). God is promising His people that just as surely as judgment and just wrath are coming to those who deny Him, so also mercy and grace are coming in His chosen servant. Another powerful book that points toward the hope in Christ.
  • Revelation 6-10 tonight reminded me that though the grace of our Lord is amazing and powerful, His wrath and anger over sin are real. I read these passages and am humbled by His holiness and His greatness. I feel like Isaiah in chapter 6 as he catches a glimpse of the Lord's glory - woe is me.

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