Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day 90/90: Esther 6-10, Malachi 1-4, Rev 19-22

Wow - what a journey. I'll have some summary thoughts tomorrow on reading through the Bible in 90 days.
Final blog on today's reading highlights:
  • I love the fact that Esther was bold enough to ask the King for that which she believed to be right in God's sight. She took advantage, as a strong woman of faith, of the high position that God had given her in the kingdom. She made the tough "ask." She was not sure how it would turn out (if the king would kill her or neglect her), but she stepped out in faith. I am realizing more and more how God is calling me to be more bold (not hostile or arrogant), but more courageous. And what I am seeing every day in leading this new church is that God is faithful to show-up regularly when we walk by faith in Him.
  • Malachi is a sobering book for spiritual leaders, because God is taking his priests and Levites to task for not leading His people well. They are bringing inadequate sacrifices to the Lord (their leftovers), they are teaching people wrong doctrine and wrong living, they are making excuses for unfaithfulness and divorce in marriages, they are honoring God only with their words, and despite all of this, they still expect God to hear their prayers. God calls his leaders to repentance and reminds them that He is surely coming. God points forward again to His coming messenger, the Messiah, who will change the hearts of His people and bring healing and justice to a broken world. Awesome end to the OT...
  • The end of Revelation always gives me chills, because it reminds me of two great and awesome truths: (1) Jesus will come back in His full glory, brining with Him the full fury of th wrath of God, and (2) death is the great equalizer as everyone will stand before Him and give an account of our lives. In this terribly broken world, I look forward with great anticipation for that day when heaven and earth are remade and every tear is wiped away and death is completely defeated. I say with the author of Revelation: Amen, come Lord Jesus.

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