Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Declining Church???

A new book, the fall of the evangelical nation, makes just this case - that the evangelical movement in America in on the decline. Christine Wicker writes an op-ed in The Dallas Morning News about her findings that evangelical youth are not staying in the church after graduation and that the SBC, the nation's largest evangelical denomination, after years of decreasing growth, is now actually experiencing decline (see Ed Stetzer's discussion of this fact). There have been many observations about why these trends are the way they are. The bottom line, however, is sobering, and a cause for us as evangelical leaders and parents to pause, pray, and reflect. Surely, her book is a call for parents to lead in the home and not expect the church to be the fix-all for spiritual development. But it is also a wake-up call to the evangelical movement that our existing network of churches are not doing enough by themselves to reach an increasingly unchurched nation (and thus a reminder of the immediate importance of church-planting - the most effective method of evangelism in the world).

Hat Tip: Brent

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