Friday, June 06, 2008

Foster Care & Adoption

I got a call about two weeks ago from the pastor in whose church I first came to Christ and who eventually performed my wedding. His name is Russell Rogers, and he has been the pastor at Trinity Life Baptist Church for about 16 years. Russell was calling me because he and his wife, Shelly, have become champions of Christian families becoming foster parents for the state of Texas. Russell & Shelly have been foster parents for many years and have adopted three of the kids into their own family. They also have two children of their own.

Russell called because he wants to come and speak about this program in my church. He has been challenged by the state to host 70 meetings this year in churches throughout Texas to promote foster-parenting and adoption. An article was just written about his work in the SBTC paper, and a more personal story with pictures of his family can be seen in the Dallas Morning News.

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GLMeece said...

Wow - awesome story Keith. As an adoptee myself, I am so grateful that God created the circumstances and the heart for my parents to adopt me. Never in my life did I feel treated differently than my sister (younger than me, but the biological child to my parents).