Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Challenges of Leadership

A quick glimpse into my personal journal to see what God is teaching me about leadership these days as I try to lead this local body of believers:

1) Leadership is a stewardship (meaning that it is a temporary gift given to us by God that He can take away at any moment) that we will be held accountable for. Thanks to Andy Stanley for pointing this out repeatedly in his talks on leadership. I need to be reminded daily that my leadership is not my own, but a temporary responsibility that the Sovereign One has given to me. I think regularly about the day I will give an account to Him about my leadership.

2) Leadership can be very lonely at the top because it is ultimately about making hard decisions that will benefit the many rather than cater to the few. This means that leaders have to constantly say no to good things in order to say yes to great things. I have personally seen this episode repeated over and over again in our new church.

3) Leadership is primarily about clearly defining reality. In other words, if the leader does not see what is really happening around him and is not pointing out the true condition of his organization, he is not leading well. The temptation to self-deceive is very high in leadership, and we have to constantly fight to make sure we are seeing what is right in front of us. As George Orwell said, "To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle." A hearty amen to that.

What is God teaching you these days?

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